Who we are


HealthVisions Midwest, sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, is a faith-based community health organization that works with local communities served by the Poor Handmaids and its mutual partners. In the spirit of interdependence, mutuality and cooperation, using social justice principles, we strive to build healthy communities by reducing health disparities among the poor and underserved.

HealthVisions Midwest


  • Health disparities will be reduced among the poor and underserved.
  • People are empowered to improve their own health.
  • The health of the communities for the poor and underserved is impacted through advocacy efforts and systemic changes.
  • Collaborating organizations are sought to strengthen the resource base and address health issues in local communities.
  • Strengthen and formalize our role as a “Backbone” Organization in the communities we serve through Collective Impact and Partnerships.

HealthVisions East St. Louis

HealthVisions East St. Louis, a ministry of HealthVisions Midwest, strives to empower the people of East St. Louis to live healthier lives.  This will be accomplished through faith-based, collaborative services that meet current and emerging needs.


  • Empower faith-based organizations to identify their talents and gifts and use them to provide or improve ministries.
  • Develop and facilitate partnerships with faith communities, health and social services.
  • Provide advocacy and non-medical support services to seniors, the poor and the disabled.
  • Promote holistic health.
  • Address systemic community health needs.

Find out more: Download the HealthVision East St Louis brochure.

HealthVisions Fort Wayne

HealthVisions Fort Wayne, a ministry of HealthVisions Midwest, is a community-based health improvement organization. HealthVisions Fort Wayne is committed to building stronger neighborhoods to ensure a healthier future in Fort Wayne. Bringing community partners together, and effectively linking existing resources, is a core principle of the organization. HealthVisions is partnering with others to help the community reduce health disparities in identified Fort Wayne neighborhoods.

Find out more: Download the HealthVision Fort Wayne brochure.